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Gemma Arterton Fans

Your #1 livejournal source for Gemma Arterton

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introduction to the community

Welcome to Gemma Arterton Fans, your newest livejournal source dedicated to the lovely, talented Gemma Arterton!

Community Rules
a few guidelines to abide by.

01) Please respect Gemma. If you are not a fan of hers, then this is simply not the place for you.

02) Tag your posts correctly. Here is our list of existing tags.

03) All large graphics (over 500px) should be behind a lj-cut. Put only 4 or less previews for icons.

04) Respect the opinion of others. Please, no fighting with or bashing other members.

05) You will be banned from the community if the mods think you are being inappropriate or not following the rules. The mods also have the power to reject any post that they feel is unsuitable for the community. If you have a question regarding the deletion of your post/comment please message one of our mods or use the Contact a Mod post.

06) Have fun!

Community Affiliates
our friends.

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Gemma Arterton Source
our partner site.

thank you.

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